Canadian Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Fund



Board Positions Available


The Canadian Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery Fund is seeking volunteers to fill two positions on the Board of Directors.

Interest individuas should send their letter of interest, CV and contact information to CSOHNS office at [email protected]



Dr. Elena O’Connell Memorial Award

A Fund for Education and Outreach


2022 Applications Deadline – March 1


The Dr. Elena O’Connell Memorial Award was founded in 2021 in the memory of Dr. Elena M. O’Connell who passed away in 2014 after a long career in Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery.  Click here for all the details including how to apply.

All Applications should be sent to the CSOHNS Office at [email protected]


Please Donate

You can now make a donation online to the COHNS Fund. is a convenient, secure and safe system that provides you with an instant charitable receipt.

With dwindling corporate support, your contribution to the Fund is more important than ever.  It helps to sustance the Canadian Fellowship Grant program, the Mini-fellowship for active members and the Global Outreach initiative.  The Executive would like to encourage members of the Society to consider making a contribution to the Fund’s Circle of Donors.  All donations over $25 will receive a tax-deductable receipt.

Donations are organized as follows…

  • Platinum Plus – $5,000 & over
  • Platinum – $1,000 & over
  • Gold – $750 & over
  • Silver – $500 & over
  • Bronze – $250 & over
  • General – under $250

Your contribution are cumulative and will be recognized on this website and for those who contribute $1000 or more with a certificate at the annual meeting.

Click here to donate online through

Donation Card  (pdf)


Brief History

The COHNS Fund was created on May 22, 1992 and had its first meeting at the Society’s 47th AGM on May 7, 1993. It is a registered charitable organization. The founding members include …

  • Dr. Derek Birt, Toronto, ON
  • Dr. Michael Hawke, Toronto, ON
  • Dr. Howard Lampe, London, ON
  • Dr. Conrad LeBrun, Ottawa, ON
  • Dr. Derald Oldring, Edmonton, AB
  • Dr. Melvin Schloss, Montreal, QC
  • Dr. Irwin Stewart, New Westminster, BC
  • Dr. Jeremy Woodham, Vancouver, BC




The COHNS Fund would like to gratefully acknowledge the generous support provided by our Circle Of Donors.

2006 – to present                                                                                                                                                                         *Indicates multiple donations

Dr. Joseph Dort*, Calgary, AB – In honour of Dr. F. Robson & Dr. C. Woolf
Dr. Karen Kost*, Montreal, QC
Dr. Frederick Kozak*, Vancouver, BC – In memory / honour of Dr. I. Stewart, Dr. P. Doyle & Dr. Q. Jacks
Drs. J. Lea & B. Westerberg INC*., Vancouver, BC
Dr. Joseph Marsan*, Ottawa, ON
Dr. Dan O’Connell*, Edmonton, AB – In memory of Dr. Elena O’Connell 
Dr. Brian Rotenberg*, London, ON
Dr. Donna Sutherland*, Winnipeg, MB – In honour of Dr. R. Watson & Dr. D. Ireland. In memory of Dr. R. Stillwater, Dr. D. McCullough, Dr. C. Woolf, & Dr. R. Hamaker
Dr. S. Mark Taylor*, Halifax, NS – In memory of Dr. V. Janzen, In honour of Dr. E. MacRae and Dr. H. Heeneman
Dr. Garth Wagner*, Calgary, AB – In memory of my parents and Dr. J.D. Campbell
Dr. Brian Westerberg*, Vancouver, BC
Dr. Erin Wright*, Edmonton, AB – In honour of Dr. M. Black & Dr. S. Frenkiel

Dr. Peter Adamson*, Toronto, ON
Dr. Sushma Amin*, St. Catharines, ON – In honour of Dr. E. Attia
Dr. Abraham Awobem, Prince Albert, SK
Dr. Martin Black*, Montreal, QC – In memory of Sidney & Tillie Black
Dr. Brian Blakley*, Winnipeg, MB
Dr. Robert Burke*, Calgary, AB – In memory of Dr. J.D. Campbell
Dr. Joseph Chen*, Toronto, ON –  In honour of Dr. M. Schloss
Dr. David Cook*, Rossland, BC
Dr. Martin Corsten*, Halifax, NS
Dr. Charles Cron*, Upper Tantallon, NS – in honour of Marie Cron.  In honour of Dr. A. Stone, Dr. T. Fort Dr. C. Sekaran & Dr. G. Novotny
Dr. Philip Curry*, Sydney River, NS –  In honour of Dr. G.S. Marsh
Dr. Sam Daniel*, Montreal, QC – In honour of Dr. M. Schloss, Dr. M. Black & Dr. S. Frenkiel
Dr. Chris Diamond*, Vancouver, BC
Dr. Robert Dickson, Vancouver, BC – In honour of Dr. G. Kong
Dr. Antoine Eskander – Toronto, ON
Dr. Nabil Fanous*, Montreal, QC
Dr. Vito Forte*, Toronto, ON – In honour of Dr. P. Gullane and Dr. I. Witterick
Dr. Saul Frenkiel*, Montreal, QC – In honour of CSO presidents: Dr. I. Witterick, Dr. F. Kozak, Dr. E. Wright, Dr. M. Corsten, Dr. P. Odell, & Dr. J. Baxter
Dr. Gabriel Fuoco*, Peterborough, ON
Dr. Andrea Garland*, Saint John, NB –  In memory of Dr. V. Janzen
Dr. Jeffrey Harris*, Edmonton, AB
Dr. Rob Hart*, Halifax, NS – In honour of Dr. E. Attia
Dr. William Henderson* – Fredericton, NB
Dr. Paul Kerr*, Winnipeg, MB – In honour of Dr. D. Brodovsky and Dr. M. Mina
Dr. Richard Lafleur*, Pointe-Claire, QC – In honour of Dr. E.J. Smith
Dr. Robert Lan*, Windsor, ON – In memory of Dr. J. Berecz
Dr. Beth Lange*, Calgary, AB – In honour of Dr. J.D. Campbell
Dr. Jane Lea*, Vancouver, BC
Dr. Neil Longridge*, Vancouver, BC
Dr. Emad Massoud, Halifax, NS – In honour of Dr. E. Attia
Dr. Wayne Matthews*, Calgary, AB
Dr. Shabir Mia*, Saskatoon, SK
Dr. Corey Moore*, London, ON
Dr. Murray Morrison*, Vancouver, BC
Dr. William Novick*, Montreal, QC
Dr. Gigi Osler*, Winnipeg, MB – In memory of Dr. C. Woolf & Dr. D. McCullough
Dr. Greg Price-Jones*, Orillia, ON – In honour of Dr. L. Parnes & Dr. R. Ruby, In memory of Dr. J. MacRae
Dr. Robert Rae*, Saint John, NB
Dr. Kathryn Roth*, London, ON – In honour of Women in Otolaryngology,  In honour of Western Otolaryngology Residents & alumni. In honour of Dr. H. Lampe’s & Dr. R. Ruby’s retirement
Dr. Ralph Ruby*, London, ON – In memory of Dr. J. Baxter, Dr. J. MacRae, Dr. R. Greenway, Dr. T. Martin, Dr. V. Janzen; In honour of Dr. C. LeBrun, Dr. D. Brown, Dr. D.M. Smith & Dr. H. Heeneman
Dr. Mark Samaha*, Montreal, QC – In honour of Dr. A. Katsarkas, Dr. M. Schloss and Dr. M.J. Black
Dr. Melvin Schloss*, Montreal, QC – In honour of Dr. S. Frenkiel, Dr. M.J. Black, Dr. F. Kozak and Dr. K. Kost.  In memory of Dr. J. D. Baxter
Dr. Hadi Seikaly*, Edmonton, AB
Dr. Steve W. Siomra*, Blackstock, ON – In memory of Dr. H. Barber and Dr. R. Macdonald, In honour of the CSO Executive Members
Dr. Holly Stevens*, Penticton, BC – In honour of Dr. P. Gullane
Dr. Gregory Thompson*, Fredericton, NB
Dr. Jonathan Trites*, Halifax, NS – In honour of Dr. E. Massoud
Dr. Trina Uwiera, Edmonton, AB
Dr. Tim Wallace*, Amherst, NS – In memory of Dr. R. Greenway
Dr. John Yoo*, London, ON – In memory of Dr. R. Greenway

Dr. Peter Alberti*, Toronto, ON
Dr. James Baxter*, Burlington, ON – In memory of Dr. D. Bryce and Dr. P. Doyle
Dr. Gordon LeBoldus*, London, ON – In memory of Dr. R. Greenway and Dr. J. Rounthwaite
Dr. Jacques Leclerc*, Quebec, QC
Dr. John Manoukian*, Montreal, QC
Dr. Patrick Murphy*, Ottawa, ON
Dr. Marie-Jo Olivier*, Montreal, QC
Dr. Serge Paradis*, Stoke, QC – In memory of Dr. N.B. Gagnon and Dr. R. Thibert
Dr. Jamie Tibbo*, St. John’s, NL

Dr. Yaser Alrajhi*, Edmonton, AB
Dr. Vinod Bharadwaj*, Kitchener, ON
Dr. David Briant*, Toronto, ON
Dr. Valerie J. Brousseau, Montreal, QC – In honour of Dr. Karen Kost
Dr. Andrew Debreceni*, Oakville, ON – In memory of Dr. H. Barber
Dr. David Eibling*, Pittsburgh, PA
Dr. Michael Hier*, Montreal, QC
Dr. Robert Irvine*, Vancouver, BC
Dr. Roger LeBel*, Pointe-Claire, QC
Dr. Alex Marsh*, Owen Sound, ON
Dr. Lily Nguyen*, Montreal, QC
Dr. Bruce Povah*, Kelowna, BC
Dr. Navin Prinja, North Bay, ON
Dr. Nita Scherer*, Ottawa, ON
Dr. Ken Sewchand*, Peterborough, ON – In honour of Prof. P. Gullane; In memory of Dr. D. McCullough
Dr. Doron Sommer, Hamilton, ON
Dr. Jean-Philippe Vaccani*, Ottawa, ON
Dr. S. Joseph Warshawski*, Calgary, AB

Dr. Kal Ansari, Edmonton, AB
Dr. Stuart Archibald*, Hamilton, ON
Dr. Manohar Bance*, Halifax, NS – In honour of Dr. D. Tomlinson
Dr. Mindy Black, Montreal, QC
Dr. Deron Brown*, Scarborough, ON – In memory of Dr. Gerald Brown
Dr. Tim Brown*, Halifax, NS
Dr. William Campbell*, Sidney, BC
Dr. Philip Cole*, Toronto, ON
Dr. F. DeSouza*, Mississauga, ON
Dr. John DiToppa*, Edmonton, AB
Dr. Dominique Dorion, Sherbrooke, QC
Dr. Richard Gall*, Winnipeg, MB – in memory of Dr. C. Woolf and Dr. R. Stillwater
Dr. Maky Hafidh, Sydney, NS
Dr. Elizabeth Jeney*, Hamilton, ON
Dr. Jodi Jones*, Winnipeg, MB
Dr. Joseph Kostiuk*, Edmonton, AB – In memory of Dr. S. Warshawski
Dr. David Kramer*, Victoria, BC
Dr. Patricia Lee, Vancouver, BC – In memory of Dr. R. Dickson
Dr. Richard Liu*, Edmonton, AB
Dr. Robert Love*, Ottawa, ON
Dr. Aimee Mabini*, Oakville, ON
Dr. Gamil Menkarios*, Hamilton, ON – In memory of Dr. M. Mendelsohn
Dr. Shahin Nabi*, Vancouver, BC
Dr. Robert North*, Brampton, ON – In memory of Dr. Alex Fee
Dr. Robert Ogilvie*, Downsview, ON
Dr. Richard and Karen Payne, Montreal, QC
Dr. Lenny Pillay, Regina, SK
Dr. Marc Raymond*, Strathroy, ON
Dr. Diane Reid*, Hamilton, ON
Dr.  Alex Riddell*, Orangeville, ON
Dr. Kerri Robertson*, Brockville, ON
Dr. Nader Sadeghi, Montreal, QC
Dr. Wassim Salamoun*, Summerside, PE
Dr. Robert Seemann*, Edmonton, AB
Dr. Marc Tewfik*, Montreal, QC
Dr. Thien Tuong Vi Vu*, Montreal, QC
Dr. Jeffrey Werger, Markham, AB

Dr. Ronald Admiraal, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Dr. Dylan Arif Ali, Sulaimani, Iraq
Dr. Marie-Josee Allard, Dieppe, NB
Dr. Hani Al-Marzouki, Montreal, QC
Dr. Don Anderson, Coquitlam, BC
Dr. Gregory Antoniak, Ottawa, ON – In memory of Dr. H. Barber
Dr. Pierre Arcand*, Montreal, QC – In memory of Dr. L. Huot; In honour of Dr. R. Desjardins (DCD)
Dr. Jason Atlas, Cambridge, ON
Dr. Tareck Ayad, Montreal, QC
Dr. Cameron Bakala*, Kelowna, BC
Dr. Janet Balderston, Lethbridge, AB
Dr. Desmond Bell, W. Vancouver, BC – In memory of Dr. P. Doyle
Dr. Mathieu Belzile, Sherbrooke, QC
Dr. Doug Bosch*, Calgary, AB
Dr. Michelle Bosch*, Terrace, BC
Dr. David Brodovsky*, Winnipeg, MB – In memory of Dr. C. Woolf
Dr. Peter Brownrigg, Ottawa, ON
Dr. Alfredo Campos*, Summerside, PE
Dr. Marisol Carignan, Adstock, QC
Ms. Andrea Chick
Dr. Tineyi Chikukwa, Regina, SK
Dr. Rashmikant Chokshi, Sydney, NS
Dr. Kan Yan Chow, Hong Kong
Dr. Kevin Clarke, Victoria, BC
Dr. John Cleland, Kamloops, BC
Dr. Sharon Cushing*, Toronto, ON
Dr. Lodewyk De Jager*, Vancouver, BC
Dr. Ian Dempsey, Dartmouth, NS
Dr. Larrry Diduch, Edmonton, AB – In memory of Dr. S. Warshawski
Dr. Renee Dionne, Gatineau, QC
Dr. Ken Dubeta, Nanaimo, BC
Dr. Jean-Jacques Dufour, Montreal, QC
Dr. Lindsay Duval, Winnipeg, MB – In memory of Dr. D. McCullough
Dr. Laurent Fradet, Sherbrooke, QC
Dr. Gordon Franke, Saskatoon, SK
Dr. Andres Gantous*, Toronto, ON
Dr. Les Garber, Winnipeg, MB
Dr. Jean Gerin-Lajoie*, Ottawa, ON – In memory of Dr. P. Gerin-Lajoie
Dr. Warren Giberson*, Moncton, NB
Dr. Lynne Girard, Quebec, QC
Dr. Julie Guilbeault, St-Hyacinthe, QC
Dr. Stephen Hall*, Kingston, ON
Dr. Benjamin Hoyt, Fredericton, NB
Dr. Euna Hwang*, Calgary, AB
Dr. Jeff Jones*, Pembroke, ON
Dr. Augustin Kalombo, Grand Falls-Windsor, NL
Dr. William Kaul, Richmond Hill, ON
Dr. Joseph Korkis, Burlington, ON
Dr. William Kudryk, Edmonton, AB
Dr. Sophie Lachance, Quebec, QC
Dr. Heather Levin, Winnipeg, MB
Dr. Ralph Lewis, Frederickton, NB
Dr. Jeffrey Ludemann, Vancouver, BC
Dr. Johnna MacCormick, Ottawa, ON
Dr. Kristian Macdonald, Ottawa, ON
Dr. Don MacNaughton*, Kingston, ON
Dr. Emerson MacRae, London, ON
Dr. Stanley Mah*, Coquitlam, BC
Dr. Linda Maxwell, Saint John, NB
Dr. Paul Mick, Vancouver, BC
Dr. Mohamed A. Mohamed, Lloydminster, AB
Dr. David Morris, Halifax, NS
Dr. H. Douglas Morris, West Vancouver, BC – In memory of Dr. R. Dickson
Dr. Yvon Morrissette, St. Ferreol-les-Neiges, QC
Dr. Russell Murphy, Ottawa, ON
Dr. Karim Nazarali, Mississauga, ON
Dr. Kenny Ngo, Orillia, ON
Dr. Carol Nhan, Montreal, QC
Dr. Anthony Nichols, London, ON
Dr. Fraser Noel, Victoria, BC
Dr. George Novotny, Toronto, ON – In memory of Dr. T. Fort
Dr. Marvin Nussbaum*, Welland, ON – In memory of Dr. A.  Noyek
Dr. Elena O’Connell – In memory of Dr. J. Routhwaite
Dr. Paul Odell, Ottawa, ON
Dr. Michael Odell*, Ottawa, ON
Dr. Derald Oldring*, Edmonton, AB
Dr. Arone Pabbies*, Red Deer, AB – In honour of Dr. D. Sutherland
Ms. Rose Perri
Dr. Justin Poirier, Grand Falls-Windsor, NL
Dr. Jamie Rappaport*, Montreal, QC – In memory of Frances & Lionel Rappaport, In honour of Dr. S. Frenkiel
Dr. Emile Roux*, Miramichi,NB
Mr. Brian Rowley
Dr. James Ruddy, Kentville, NS
Dr. Julian Savage, Sherbrooke, QC
Dr. Pradeep Shenoy*, Campbellton, NB
Dr. Steven Shimotakahara, Coos Bay, OR
Dr. Alex Shuren*, Belle River, ON
Dr. Eddison Sinanan, Vancouver, BC
Dr. Thomas J. Smith, St. John’s, NL
Dr. J. Michael Smith, North Vancouver, BC
Dr. Alma Smitheringale, Toronto, ON
Mr.  Richard Tashjian*, USA
Dr. Francois Thuot, Quebec, QC
Dr. Eng Tjan, Hong Kong
Dr. Alan Vescan, Toronto, ON
Dr. Kim-Loan Vo-Doan, Montreal, QC
Dr. Keith Walling, Halifax, NS
Dr. Grant Wright, Saskatoon, SK
Dr. John Young*, Ottawa, ON

1992 – 2005 Donations

Dr. P. Alberti*, Toronto, ON in honour of Dr. P. Fugere
Dr. P. Arcand*, Montreal, QC in honour of Dr. Roger Desjardins (DCD)
Dr. E. Attia, Halifax, NS in honour of Dr. E. J. Smith
Dr. M. Bance, Halifax, NS in honour of Dr. Julian Nedzelski
Dr. J. D. Baxter*, St-Sauveur, in memory of Dr. G.A.T. Gill , Dr. J. Wong & Dr. M. Mendelsohn
Dr. D. Birt*, Toronto, ON
Dr. M. Black*, Montreal, QC in memory of Sidney & Tillie Black & J. Oprysk
Dr. J.J Dufour, Montreal, QC
Dr. R. Burke, Calgary, AB
Dr. O. Bykowksi*, Edmonton, AB
Dr. P. Cole*, Toronto, ON
Dr. R. Cormier, Geneva, NY
Dr R. Dickson, Vancouver, BC in honour of Dr. G. Kong
Dr. L.T. Diduch, Edmonton, AB in memory of Dr. J.D. Campbell
Dr. J. DiToppa*, Edmonton, AB in memory of Dr. R. Mallen
Dr. P. Doyle, Vancouver, BC
Dr. J.J. Dufour*, Montreal, QC
Dr. N. Fanous, Montreal, QC
Dr. F. Frederick, Regina, SK
Dr. R. Fenton*, Toronto, ON in memory of Dr. J. K. Brydon Smith
Dr. S. Frenkiel*, Montreal, QC in honour of Dr. Conrad LeBrun, Dr. Howard Lampe & Dr. Holly Stevens
Dr. J. Gerin-Lajoie*, Ottawa, ON in memory of Dr. Paul Gerin-Lajoie
Dr. W. Giberson, Moncton, NB
Dr. B. Gosselin, Lebanon, NH
Dr. R. Greenway, London, ON
Dr. M. Hier*, Montreal, QC in memory of Dr. Melvin Mendelsohn
Dr. R. Irvine*, Vancouver, BC
Dr. E. Katz, Montreal, QC
Dr. F.K. Kozak, Vancouver, BC in honour of Dr. Patrick Doyle
Dr. W. Kudryk*, Edmonton, AB
Dr. H. Lampe*, London, ON in memory of J. Oprysk and in honour of Dr. Holly Stevens
Dr. R. Lan, Windsor, ON
Dr. C. LeBrun, Ottawa, ON
Dr. J. Leclerc, Ste-Foy, QC
Dr. M. Malonga*, The Congo
Dr. J. Manoukian*, Montreal, QC
Dr. D. McCullough, Winnipeg, MB
Dr. T.D. McKee*, Thunder Bay, ON
Dr. D. McKercher, Ottawa, ON
Dr. Y. Morrissette, St-Ferreol-les-Neiges QC
Dr. M. Morrison*, Vancouver, BC
Dr. G. Novotny*, Toronto, ON in memory of Dr. G.A.T. Gill, Dr. J. McLean & Dr. T.C. Fort
Dr. W. Novick*, Montreal, QC
Dr. E. OConnell, Medicine Hat, AB in memory of Dr. J. Routhwaite
Dr. H. Okuno*, Toyko, Japan
Dr. D. Oldring*, Edmonton, AB in memory of Dr. P. Quinlan & Dr. Jacques Poliquin
Dr. W. Povah, Kelowna, BC
Dr. K. Prendergast, Prince George, BC in honour of Dr. T. Maloney
Dr. J. Rappaport*, Montreal, QC in memory of Dr. Melvin (Mendy)Mendelsohn
Dr. R. Ruby*, London, ON in memory of Dr. J. Wong & in honour of Dr. C. LeBrun & Dr. H. Lampe
Dr. J. Ruddy, Kentville, NS
Dr. M. Schloss*, Montreal, QC
Dr. S. Siomra*, Blackstock, ON in honour of Dr. H. Barber , Dr. W.S. Goodman, & Dr. D. Birt
Dr. G. Smith*, Burnaby, BC
Dr. J. M. Smith*, Vancouver, BC
Dr. H. Stevens*, Vancouver, BC in honour of Dr. P. Doyle
Dr. I. Stewart* New Westminster, BC in honour of the Society’s kindness to me.
Dr. G. Wagner, Calgary, AB in honour of John Wagner
Dr. A. Zeitouni*, Dollard d’Ormeaux, QC

Corporations & Institutions

Canadian Society of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery*
Medtronic Canada*
Queens University

*repeat donations

Fund-raising Activities

The Executive would like to thank the membership for donating to the Fund over the past years. As our corporate support dwindles, we relay on members’ support more and more. Please consider giving through the Circle of Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Donors. Each year, contributions at a platinum level will be acknowledged at the annual meeting with the presentation of a certificate of thanks.


  • To promote, organize and support educational activities, studies and research in the field of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery.
  • To promote otolaryngology-head and neck surgery health care across Canada.
  • To cooperate with universities and other educational institutions in sponsoring and establishing a stimulating environment for those who wish to further their knowledge of the specialty.
  • To carry on or support medical research in the field of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery.
  • To solicit, receive or collect funds to further the objectives mentioned herein.


Dr. Doug Angel, ST. JOHN’S, NL
Dr. Tamara Mijovic, MONTREAL, QC
Secretary / Treasurer
Dr. Leigh Sowerby, LONDON, ON
Board Members
Dr. John Yoo, LONDON, ON