Mission and Vision Statements



Canadian Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Fund’s Mission & Vision Statements

President:  Dr. Brian D. Westerberg

COHNS Fund Mission Statement

Promoting and advancing otolaryngology related health of patients worldwide through education, advocacy and research.

COHNS Fund Vision Statements

  • Equal access to otolaryngology related health care across Canada and around the world (OR Equal access to otolaryngology related health care worldwide)
  • Primary and secondary prevention of global burden of disability related to otolaryngologic disorders
  • Collaboration of universities and other educational organizations in Canada and around the world towards achievement of common goals in the discipline of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery

Potential Examples of initiatives to fulfill our Vision through our Mission:

1. Increase and improve human resources for health:
a. Bursaries for OHNS surgeons from low- and middle-income countries to travel to Canada for electives and/or fellowships and/or observer-ships:

Requirements and/or conditions:

i. Attainment of an educational license through local provincial College
ii. The support and active involvement of the institutional Program Director to coordinate rotation within Residency program
iii. Visa permitting work in Canada
iv. Matching funds from the local (host) institution
v. Matching funds form the sponsoring institution
vi. Observance of minimal salary requirements as invoked by provincial/institutional trainee contractual obligations

1b. Canadian Fellowship Grants

Requirements and/or conditions:

i. Two (2) undesignated fellowship grants, ranging in amount from $12,500 to $25,000 each, will be available (contingent on the Fund’s capacity);
ii. Canadian graduates doing fellowships at Canadian centres;
iii. Canadian graduates doing fellowships at training centres abroad;
iv. Foreign graduates accepted for training at Canadian institutions

1c. COHNS’s Fund Mini-Fellowship Program

Requirements and/or conditions:

i. Open to all ACTIVE members, in good standing, of the CSOHNS;
ii. $2,000 will be granted for appropriate training of 1 week or more;
iii. The mini-fellowship must consist of either one-on-one training or a hands-on course. Attendance at meetings and symposia will NOT be considered;
iv. Applications will be dealt with on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVE basis and a maximum of 5 mini-fellowships will be awarded each year;
v. Preference will be given to “community” based applicants who do not have other sources of funding.

2. Increase research in otolaryngology worldwide:  
a. Travel bursaries for Canadian OHNS Residents for approved research projects in low-resource settings

Requirements and/or conditions:

i. Approval of Program Director of sponsoring institution
ii. Approval of host community and/or institution if applicable
iii. Institutional (sponsoring and host as applicable) Ethics Board approval for research project
iv. Observance of RCPSC Specialty Committee guidelines for travel by Residents to low-resource settings

2b. Travel bursaries for OHNS surgeons from low-resource settings to attend the CSO-HNS Annual Scientific meeting:

Requirements and/or conditions:

i. Practicing OHNS surgeon
ii. Living and working in a WHO-defined low- or middle-income country
iii. Submission of an abstract to the scientific program director deemed to be acceptable for presentation at the CSO-HNS Annual Scientific Meeting

2c. Clinician Scientist in OHNS research salary support

Requirements and/or conditions:

i. Appointment to a Canadian university as a Clinician Scientist within a Division/Department of OHNS
ii. Maintenance of active membership in the CSO-HNS
iii. Equal or greater contribution of matching funds by host institution
iv. Approval of candidate (and area of research) by Committee consisting of…
v. (Define area of research?)

Members Only

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