Honour Award

CSOHNS Honour Award


This award recognizes the contribution of individual members toward the affairs of the Society. Points are awarded for a variety of activities, as listed below, and they are automatically tabulated by the Secretariat. Two (2) points are the maximum that can be gained in any one year. An award is achieved when ten (10) points are earned.


  • Council member 1 point
  • Chairman of a committee (if not already a Council member) 1 point
  • Author of paper at the annual meeting 1 point
  • Author of a poster or video/film presentation at the annual meeting 1 point
  • Attendance at the annual meeting 1/2 point
  • Examiner – Royal College 1 point
  • Inspector – Royal College 1 point


The award of a scroll is presented at the annual general business meeting of the Society. Recognition of a member having achieved ‘honours’ status is acknowledged in the Society’s Membership Directory.

CSOHNS Honour Award Recipients

Dr. Peter Adamson, Toronto, ON Dr. Peter Alberti, Toronto, ON
Dr. Donald Anderson, Coquitlam, BC Dr. Elhamy Attia, Halifax, NS
Dr. Manohar Bance, Halifax, NS Dr. Mark Barker, Winnipeg, MB
Dr. James Baxter, Montreal, QC Dr. Derek Birt, Toronto, ON
Dr. Martin Black, Montreal, QC Dr. Brian Blakley, Winnipeg, MB
Dr. Douglas Bosch, Calgary, AB Dr. T.D.R. Briant, Toronto, ON
Dr. David Brodovsky, Winnipeg, MB Dr. Dale Brown, Toronto, ON
Dr. Peter Brownrigg, Ottawa, ON Dr. Robert Burke, Calgary, AB
Dr. Ken Burrage, St. John’s NF Dr. James Campbell,* Calgary, AB
Dr. William Campbell, Sidney, BC Dr. Clifford Carter, Edmonton, AB
Dr. Joseph Chen, Toronto, ON Dr. Martin Corsten, Ottawa, ON
Dr. Abraham Crotin, Don Mills, ON Dr. William Crysdale, Toronto, ON
Dr. Sam Daniel, Montreal, QC Dr. Jean Davidson, Toronto, ON
Dr. Fructuoso de Souza, Mississauga, ON Dr. Martin Desrosiers, Montreal, QC
Dr. Robert Dickson, Vancouver, BC Dr. Jacques Dionne*, Quebec, QC
Dr. Dominique Dorion, Sherbrooke, QC Dr. Joseph Dort, Calgary, AB
Dr. Patrick Doyle*, Vancouver, BC Dr. Jean Jacques Dufour, Montreal, QC
Dr. Scott Durham, Vancouver, BC Dr. Hamdy El-Hakim, Edmonton, AB
Dr. David Ellis, Toronto, ON Dr. Nabil Fanous, Montreal, QC
Dr. Ronald Fenton, Toronto, ON Dr. Thomas Fort, Halifax, NS
Dr. Vito Forte, Toronto, ON Dr. Jason Franklin, London, ON
Dr. Jeremy Freeman, Toronto, ON Dr. Saul Frenkiel, Montreal, QC
Dr. Kevin Fung, London, ON Dr. N.B. Gagnon*, Longueuil, QC
Dr. Andrea Garland, St. John, NB Dr. Ralph Gilbert, Toronto, ON
Dr. Tom Gillis, Calgary, AB Dr. Robert Greenway*, London, ON
Dr. Patrick Gullane, Toronto, ON Dr. Stephen Hall, Kingston, ON
Dr. Jeffrey Harris, Edmonton, AB Dr. Robert Hart, Halifax, NS
Dr. William Henderson, Fredericton, NB Dr. Michael Hier, Montreal, QC
Dr. Murad Husein, London, ON Dr. Desmond Ireland, Winnipeg, MB
Dr. Jonathan Irish, Toronto, ON Dr. Amin Javer, Vancouver, BC
Dr. Paul Kerr, Winnipeg, MB Dr. Karen Kost, Montreal, QC
Dr. Frederick Kozak, Vancouver, BC Dr. Andre Lamothe, Ottawa, ON
Dr. William Kudryk, Edmonton, AB Dr. Howard Lampe, London, ON
Dr. Gordon LeBoldus, London, ON Dr. Conrad LeBrun, Ottawa, ON
Dr. Victor Lawson*, Toronto, ON Dr. Jacques Leclerc, Ste-Foy, QC
Dr. Boyd Lee, St. John’s, NL Dr. Neil Longridge, Vancouver, BC
Dr. Robert Macdonald, Toronto, ON Dr. Duncan MacRae, London, ON
Dr. Len Makerewich, Niagara Falls, ON Dr. Joe Marsan, Ottawa, ON
Dr. John Manoukian, Montreal, QC Dr. Emad Massoud, Halifax, NS
Dr. Wayne Matthews, London, ON Dr. David McCullough*, Winnipeg, MB
Dr. Laurie McLean, Ottawa, ON Dr. Murray Morrison, Vancouver, BC
Dr. Julian Nedzelski, Toronto, ON Dr. Robert North, Brampton, ON
Dr. William Novick, Montreal, QC Dr. George Novotny, Halifax, NS
Dr. Paul Odell, Ottawa, ON Dr. Derald Oldring, Edmonton, AB
Dr. Lorne Parnes, London, ON Dr. Richard Payne, Montreal, QC
Dr. Edilberto Pelausa, Norfolk, VA Dr. Robert Rae, Saint John, NB
Dr. Jack Rubin, Winnipeg, MB Dr. Ralph Ruby, London, ON
Dr. John Rutka, Toronto, ON Dr. Melvin Schloss, Montreal, QC
Dr. David Schramm, Ottawa, ON Dr. Hadi Seikaly, Edmonton, AB
Dr. W. (Bud) Shandro, Calgary, AB Dr. Robert Shapiro, Montreal, QC
Dr. Douglas Snell*, Toronto, ON Dr. Alma Smitheringale, Toronto, ON
Dr. Doron Sommer, Hamilton, ON Dr. Peter Spafford, Saskatoon, SK
Dr. Holly Stevens, Vancouver, BC Dr. Irwin Stewart, New Westminster, BC
Dr. Harvey Strecker, White Rock, BC Dr. Andre Tan, Kingston, ON
Dr. S. Mark Taylor, Halifax, NS Dr. T.L. Tewfik, Montreal, QC
Dr. Jonathan Trites, Halifax, NS Dr. J.P. Vaccani, Ottawa, ON
Dr. Philip Wade, Toronto, ON Dr. Garth Wagner, Calgary, AB
Dr. Brian Westerberg, Vancouver, BC Dr. Malcolm Williams, Kingston, ON
Dr. Ian Witterick, Toronto, ON Dr. Erin Wright, Edmonton, AB
Dr. John Yoo, London, ON Dr. Ritchie Younger, Vancouver, BC

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