Poster Prize

CSOHNS Poster Prize Guidelines


The poster competition is included as part of the annual scientific program of the CSOHNS. It provides an opportunity for visual presentation of scientific material, charts, and photographs, supplemented by written text.

Review Committee

Judging will be conducted by three or more individuals chosen by the Awards Committee Chair. Each poster will be assessed according to the following criteria: identification of problem, discussion of results, literature review and bibliography, quality of illustrations, originality, and overall visual presentation.


The winning poster presentation will receive a plaque and a cash prize of $500.00. The Review Committee may also name honourable mentions.

Guidelines for Submissions

An abstract must be submitted to the Scientific Program Chair via the general abstract submissions deadline date, with the notation that it is a poster entry. The acceptance of each submission will be at the discretion of the Scientific Program Chair.

All posters selected for presentation at the annual meeting will qualify for the Poster Prize. For 2021, authors must submit their work electronically to the Awards Committee Chair at [email protected] in its final format as a PDF file by August 16. Only those posters submitted before this deadline date will have the opportunity to be reviewed and short-listed by the selection committee prior to the meeting. The top ten (10) posters authors will present at the annual meeting, be judged and a winner selected.

Recipients Of The CSOHNS Poster Prize

1st Prize:  Ms. K. Ruicci, Drs. A. Nichols, E. Meen, P. Plantinga, J. Yoo, K. Fung, D. MacNeil, J. Barrett, J. Mymryk, C. Howlett, and P. Boutros, University of Western Ontario, LONDON, ON – Resistance to P13Ka Inhibition in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma is Mediated through TAM Family Receptor Upregulation

Honourable Mention:  Drs. A. Hamour, J. Lee, V. Wu, H. Ziai, W. Yang, P. Singh, A. Eskander, D. Enepekides, I. Witterick, E. Monteiro, University of Toronto, TORONTO, ON – Implementation of a Standard Thyroid Ultrasound Reporting Form:  A Multi-centered Quality Improvement Study

Honourable Mention:  Drs. J. Reid, T. Lund, D. Aalto, C. Jeffery, University of Alberta, EDMONTON, AB – Development of a Machine Learning Tool for Detection of Voice Disorders

1st Prize:  Ms. Kara Ruicci, Drs. John Yoo, Kevin Fung, Danielle MacNeil, John Barrett, Paul Boutros, Laurie Ailles, and Anthony Nichols, University of Western Ontario, LONDON, ON – A Controlled Trial of HNSCC Patient-derived Xenografts Reveals Broad Efficacy of P13K-alpha Inhibition in Controlling Tumor Growth

Honourable Mention:  Mr. Kaishan Aravinthan, Drs. Russ Murphy and Anil Sharma, University of Saskatchewan, SASKATOON, SK – Role of ENT Resource Nurses on Operating Room Efficiency: A Retrospective Chart Review

1st Prize:  Mr. F. Ghasemi, M. Black, N. Pinto,  Drs. D. MacNeil, J. Yoo, K. Fung, J. Barrett, A. Nichols, London, ON – High-throughput Testing in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Identifies Agents with Preferential Activity in HPV-positive and Negative Cell Lines

Honourable Mention:  Drs. D. Conrad, C. Lindsay, M. Kostiuk, D. O’Connell, J. Harris, H. Seikaly, Edmonton, AB – Anti-tumor Effects of Metformin and Curcumin in HPV Positive and Negative Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

1st Prize:   Mr. F. Ghasemi, Ms. K. Ruicci, N. Pinto, Drs. D. MacNeil, J. Yoo, K. Fung, J. Barrett, A. Nichols, London, ON – Repurposing Albendazole:  New Potential as a Chemotherapeutic Agent with Preferential Activity Against HPV-negative Head and Neck Squamous Cell Cancer

2nd Prize:   Mr. A. Hamour, Drs. A. Mendez, V. Biron, R. Seemann, K. Ansari, R. Liu, H. Seikaly, D. Cote – Development of the Alberta Facial Clinical Evaluation (E-FaCE) Scale:  A Patient Centered Outcomes Instrument for Facial Nerve Paralysis

1st Prize:   Drs. Y. Amoako-Tuffour, N. Jufas, M. Bance, Halifax, NS – Acoustic Transmission Characteristics of a Eustachian Tube Volitionally Opened in Living Subjects

2nd Prize:   Drs. D. Oyewumi, M. Brandt, B. Carrillo, Adelle Atkinson, K. Iglar, V. Forte, P. Campisi, Toronto, ON – Objective Evalution of Otoscopy Skills Amoungst Primary Care and Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Resident Physicians

1st Prize:   Drs. L. Caulley, C. Cameron, L. Rudmik, Calgary, AB, K. Thavorn, S. Kilty, Ottawa, ON- Costs of Chronic Rhinosinusitis: Results of the US Medical Expenditure Panel Survey

2nd Prize:   Drs. O. Hilly, J. Birch, J. Chen, E. Hwang, V. Lin, R. Aviv, S. Symons, Toronto, ON – MRI-based Tractography of the Facial Nerve in Patients With and Without Cerebellopontine Angle Tumors

1st Prize:   Mr. Mathieu Trudel, Drs. Mathieu Cote, Changshu Wang, Andre Fortin, Quebec, QC – Improving Quality of Life with Nabilone during Radiotherapy Treatment for Head/Neck Cancers: Randomized Double-blind Placebo-controlled Trial

2nd Prize:   Drs. Jason Xu, J.M. Lee, Toronto, ON – Epistaxis after Endoscopic Sinus Surgery: Does the Type of Post-operative Packing Matter?

1st Prize:   Drs. Neil Mundi, Sung Um, John Barret, S. Danielle MacNeil, Kevin Fung, John Yoo, Anthony Nichols, London, ON – Oncolytic Poxviruses Demonstrate Potent Activity for the Control of Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma

2nd Prize:   Drs. Dennis Ho-Wo-Cheong, Tamara Mijovic, John Manoukian, Lily Nguyen, Montreal, QC – Synchronous Airway Lesions in Children: What Are the Common Lesions?

1st Prize:   Drs. B. Williams, R. Hart, J. Trites, S.M. Taylor, M. Bullock, A. Lacoul, Halifax, NS – Gauging the Diagnostic Accuracy of Fine Needle Aspiration in Thyroid Cancer by Comparison with Postoperative Histology

2nd Prize:   Mr. S. Chen, Drs. V. Lin, H. Amoodi, J. Chen, J. Nedzelski, Toronto, ON – Current Trends in Otologic Surgery: A Survey of Practicing Otolaryngologists in Canada

2011    Drs. A.L. Darnbrough, B.W. Blakley, D.E. Sutherland, F.G. Osler, WINNIPEG, MB – OMC Obstruction in Not Associated with Adjacent Sinus Disease in Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Polyps

2010    Drs. T.C. Fok, T.D. Daley, H.J. Lapointe, K. Fung, A.B. Tuck, A.F. Chambers, L. Jackson-Boeters, M.R. Dalring, London, ON – Expression and Localization of Osteopontin, Homing Cell Adhesion Molecule/CD44 and Integrin avB3 in Selected Benign and Malignant Salivary Gland Tumors

2009    Drs. R. Pennings, R. van Wijhe, D. Morris, Halifax, NS – Otologic and Audiologic Challenges in Fibrous Dysplasia of the Temporal Bone and Skull Base

2008    Drs. M. Langille, S. Shahnavaz, S. Veldhuyzen Van Zanten, E. Massoud, Halifax, NS – A Systematic Evaluation of the Information Available for Patients Regarding Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Drs. A. Grewal, S. Hawkins, R. Martin, C. Dreyer, M. McCormick, J. Yoo, J. Franklin, K. Fung, London, ON – Impact of Neck Dissection on Swallowing Function

2007    Drs. D. McKenna, P. Kerr, M. Sowa, J. Payette, E. Kohlenberg, A. Pabbies, Winnipeg, MB – Infrared Spectroscopy in the Monitoring of Free Flaps: An Animal Model

2006    Drs. D. Dorion, S. Darveau, Sherbrooke, QC – Role of Micropauses in Improving Surgical Precision and Preventing Long-term Musculo-skeletal Disorders

2005    Drs. K.J. MacDonald, J. McNally, E. Massoud, Halifax, NS – Self Reported Health Status and Utilization of Health Care Resources by Canadians with Chronic Rhinosinusitis

2004    Drs. Laura Chan and Paul Kerr, Winnipeg, MB – Level V Recurrance after Selective Neck Dissection for Squamous Cell Cancer of the Head & Neck

2003    Drs. S.M. Lim, M.M. Carr, Toronto, ON – Development and Evaluation of Novel Ear Model to Help Medical Students Gain Confidence and Competence in Ear Microdebridement
Drs. A. Pabbies, P. Kerr, M.G. Sowa, K.Z. Liu, L. Leonardi, A. Man, Winnipeg, MB – Free-Flap Monitoring Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy – A Comparative Pilot Study Using the Epigastric Artery Island Skin Flap in Rats

2002    Dr. S. Hall, Dr. Walker, Dr. Archibald, Toronto, ON – What is the Best Comorbidity Index for Survival Studies in Head and Neck Oncology?

2001    Mr. A. Pabbies, Dr. S.W. Matthews, Dr. B. Hughs, Winnipeg, MB – Variance Analysis of a Laryngectomy Clinical Pathway

2000    Dr. Y. Chan, Dr. J. Irish, Dr. L. Rothstein, Dr. O. Mostafchi, Dr. D. Brown, Dr. P. Gullane, and Dr. S. Wood, Toronto, ON – Informed Consent in Head and Neck Surgery: Measuring the Effectiveness of an Educational Intervention

1999    Dr. J. Kwak, Dr. P. Kerr, Dr. P. Shoenut, and Dr. B. Levin, Winnipeg, MB – The Prevalence of Gastroesophageal Reflux in a Private ENT Practice: 100 Consecutive Patients

1998    Dr. P. Kerr, Dr. K. Liu, Dr. C. Schultz, and Dr. H. Mantsch, Winnipeg, MB – Infrared Spectroscopic Investigation of Oral and Oropharyngeal Cancers

1997    Dr. J.J. Manoukian, Dr. E.D. Wright, and Dr. A.J. Pearl, Halifax, NS – Laterally Hypertrophic Adenoids as an Etiologic Factor in Otitis Media

1996    Dr. Vito Forte, Dr. A. Park, and Dr. A. Messner, Toronto, ON – Autogenous Thyroid Cartilage in Laryngotracheoplasty

1995    Dr. B. Mizerny and Dr. M. Desrosiers, Montreal, QC – Transfrontal Endoscopy of the Frontal Sinus: A Minimally Invasive Approach for Surgery of the Frontonasal Duct

1994   Dr. I. Dempsey, Dr. E. Pelausa, and Dr. R. Wong, Ottawa, ON – Successful Management of Traumatic Internal Carotid Artery Pseudo-Aneurysm following Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

1993   Dr. B. Mizerny and Dr. J.J. Manoukian, Montreal, QC – Surgical Management of Neurofibroma of the Epiglottis: Case Report and Review of the Literature

1992   Dr. Martyn Mendelsohn, Toronto, ON – Airway Protection during Supraglottic Swallow

1991   Dr. Mark Wax and Dr. T.D.R. Briant, Toronto, ON – Carotid Body Removal: A Documentary

1990   Dr. Robert Macdonald and Dr. Joseph Warshawski, Toronto, ON – Attempted Murder in a Two-Month Old Infant by Caustic Ingestion

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