Assessment – Section 3

Performance assessment activities can occur in a simulated or actual practice environment. It requires a colleague but both of you will be able to claim MOC credits:

  • Ask a trusted colleague to assess your performance, either technical or non-technical skills, during a simulated or actual surgical procedure. You can have them assist you during the procedure or simply observe your performance.
  • Immediately after the procedure, consider what worked well for you, what you would like to continue doing, and what you would like to improve on during future surgeries.
  • Then review and discuss how you think you performed with your colleague. Review and discuss their feedback on your performance.
  • Re-evaluate your self-assessment and compare to their feedback. Did you both agree that certain elements of your performance could be improved? If so, this is the perfect time to decide on a plan of action for further improvement, such as pursuing a Personal Learning Project (PLP), which earns your further credits in Section 2: Self-learning. PLP Template
  • To assist you in this assessment activity, the CPD Committee has developed these downloadable and fillable forms that can be used to assess both your technical and non-technical skills:

Teamwork Skills Assessment Tools:

Attitude and Behaviour Assessment Tools

Communication Skills Assessment Tools

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