What is Otolaryngology?

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What is Otolaryngology?


Hi Everyone,

My name is Dr. Macacus Oto. I guess you probably wonder why I have this funny mirror on my head. Let me start from the beginning…

When I was in elementary school, I had a wish that some day I would become a doctor and help people who were sick. Later, when I went to a medical school, I found out that I had a special interest in ear problems (guess why!), the nose and throat diseases. I studied five more years and became a specialist in OTOLARYNGOLOGY.


It certainly is a very long word but let me help you with it’s meaning. Let’s split the word in two and take a closer look. The first part, “OTO”, means ears. I am an ear specialist. The second part is “LARYNGOLOGY”. The larynx is your voice box. I am also a specialist of the throat and the vocal cords. Would you believe that this is not all? I am also a specialist for everything that is in between, including the nose, the sinuses (which are beside the nose), the mouth and the neck. Now you can understand why it took me five extra years to learn all of this!

What is the head mirror for?

My first teacher told me that the specialty of otolaryngology was the best, but that it was also a very difficult one. He said that I would have to look into the tiniest openings of the body and examine very dark places with no lighting at all. But if I used a headlight or head mirror that reflects light into these dark places, I would be able to see much better and be able to decide if there was anything wrong.

On this website, you will find some games and activities that will challenge your skills and help you know my specialty a little better. I hope you will enjoy them and come back as often as you want.

Doctor Macacus Oto



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